Now you can build Lego on your walls, and around corners, and…

Video of an adhesive toy block tape started making the rounds on social media a few days ago and of course the internet promptly lost its collective mind.

It’s called Nimuno Loops and its bendable and has an adhesive backing which means you can stick it on walls and run it around corners. It’s compatible with all the major building brick toys including Lego and Mega Bloks.

The blocks were created by a Cape Town-based designer, whose company has been crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Although its initial goal was a humble $8000, it’s already surpassed that, having raised over $1.5 million with 10 days still to go. The product reportedly starts shipping in July.

Now, I love Lego as much as the next person and when I saw this video, of course I wanted my own Nimuno Loops straight away. But I really do have to ask how far you could go with this. So far we’ve seen people building on thin strips, and only a few blocks deep. How creative could you really get with that?

When my kids build with their Duplo they tend to build over a wide area on their Duplo mat. But Team Nimuno don’t seem to offer a building plate type of adhesive. The strips come in two sizes – the original strip has a two-knob width and the wide strip has a four-knob width. So you’re either going to have to stick a bunch of strips together, or just build in little lines.

I think a building plate would be a good next iteration, and of course, it would be great if they could develop strips for larger sized blocks, like Duplo which many children continue to play with long after they’ve passed the suggested age range.

The bendy aspect, however, is quite original, and I’m surprised we’ve never seen traditional Lego that does this. My feeling is that this might have something to do with durability. Lego is known to be exceptionally durable. It does not degrade or warp even after decades (as anyone who has given their kids the Lego they themselves played with as children can tell you). So perhaps the reason they haven’t tried this yet is because they can’t find a reliable way to build a durable strip of blocks that is also adhesive. I’d be interested to see if the Nimuno Loops have similar durability to Lego and what the wear and tear on them is like.

(Update: It seems Popular Mechanics ZA recently did a test run on the Nimuno Loops and found that the adhesive backing is not very durable. They actually suggest replacing it with double-sided tape. Ouch. Guess that’s answers that.)

Criticisms aside, they should just take my money. I’d love to buy a few strips, even if it is just for the novelty factor.

PS: If you and yours are lovers of brick toys, I urge you to visit the wiki home of construction toys, Brickipedia. I can’t believe I just discovered it today.

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