Why we aspire to raising geeky kids

Define: geek

So if we’re going to have a blog about being a parent and being a geek, then we should probably start off with the definition of “geek”.

Google has this to say about it:

Definition of geek

I think that’s pretty straightforward.

Unfashionable? Check.
Socially inept? Check.
Engages in computer-related tasks obsessively or with great attention to technical detail?

Erm… Let’s just substitute “Internet-related” where it says “computer-related” and I think we’re good to go.

I did that bad thing where I married a guy with more tech savvy than me and immediately stopped paying attention to anything computer-related. Because why put your own PC together or install your own stuff when you can get someone else to do it? Twelve years later and I really can’t claim to be particularly tech-savvy any more. I just leave all my apps to simmer until my husband becomes annoyed and starts updating them for me. It’s bad, I know. But I’m past that now.

So here we are, two geeks with two kids, who we also hope will be somewhat geeky, if for no other reason than that we feel a certain degree of geekiness can insulate a person from the negative influences of their peer group.

Smoking, drinking, drugs, sex? I’m not saying geeks don’t do these things, only than that you’re less likely to be snorting tik in the park somewhere if you’re right in the middle of an epic game of Dominion.

But more particularly, it seems to me that kids fall too quickly into cynicism, disinterest and sarcasm. For me, there is nothing more appealing than a kid who has retained a sense of curiosity, wonder, and unabashed excitement over something – anything – be it Lego, fantasy fiction or the Rubik’s Cube.

Raising a geeky kid seems a wonderful thing to aspire to.

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