Origins of a nappy stasher

You know the type. The ones who stash nappies in unusual places, “just in case”.

You lift up a couch cushion to look for the remote control and there it is, a pair of papery pants with the cherubic face of Winnie the Pooh smiling back at you. You reach for some tissues in your bedside drawer and pull out a pink polka dot spotted Minnie Mouse pants. You pop open your cubby hole and find it’s stuffed full of Pampers.

How did it come to this? How did you become a nappy stasher?

If you ask me, every nappy stasher can trace the behaviour back to one bad habit – a rookie parent mistake, something for the disorganized or the distracted. That is, coming home after an outing and failing to repack your nappy bag before you do anything else.

I’m a three-nappy packer myself. Every parent has their own list of must-pack items for their nappy bag. For me, two nappies is too few, four too many. But the problem with carrying more than a couple of nappies in your bag is that you always assume that you have an extra.

So maybe you leave home in a hurry one day, and you know you haven’t checked or repacked your bag since the last time you took the kids out, but you’re quite sure, really quite sure, that you have at least one nappy in there. And anyway, you’re just stepping out for an hour or two, and you’re not going very far anyway.

And then you find yourself at your mum’s house, changing the baby on the floor, digging around in your bag after wiping up a particularly nasty poo only to find … nothing.

So what do you do?

If you’re me, you call your hubby and ask him to run some over to your mum’s place while you improvise a nappy out of a dishtowel and some too-small safety pins.

You’d think I would have learnt my lesson but that wasn’t how I became a nappy stasher. I just became better at repacking my nappy bag.

Then, a couple years later, on the second kid, I found myself at my sister’s house, again with no nappies. Fortunately, it wasn’t a have-to-change-right-now situation (read: poo) and there was a supermarket not too far away.

But after that I wasn’t about to let it happen a third time.

So now I stash them. In every nappy bag and some backpacks and handbags, in different rooms and different cupboards, and of course in the cubby hole.

The only issue now is making sure that they’re all the correct size.

So, pro tip – next time the baby’s about to switch up to a new nappy size, make sure you use up all the ones you’ve stashed, and replace them with a new size.

Do you have a nappy stashing story? Tell me in the comments.

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