Dr Eureka – a dexterity game for the whole family

It’s not always easy to find a tabletop game that is fun for both four-year-olds and 40-year-olds but Blue Orange Games have it figured out with Dr Eureka. This science-themed dexterity and problem-solving game really is fun for the whole family. We know, coz we tried it.

The theme is simple. You’re scientists trying to crack a scientific formula by moving molecules between three different vials.

You start off with three vials, each with two molecules (represented by little balls) of the same color in them. Then you draw a card from the pile and try to solve the formula it specifies. To do this, you have to move your molecules around without touching them. The first person to get the right combination molecules in all three jars wins the round.

It’s actually surprisingly tricky to transfer the balls from one vial to another but eventually, we realized the trick was to do it really slowly and carefully. So it’s not just a question of knowing how to reorganise your molecules but also having steady hands and not rushing too much to beat your opponents.

Technically, the rules say that if you drop your balls – ahem, molecules – you’re out of the round. But we decided on a house rule to allow people who dropped their balls to return them to the vial they came from and continue with the round.

It’s a problem-solving game that I’d say is pitched at the right level for our six-year-old when it comes to problem-solving but because of the added dexterity element, it was still fun for the adults and there were actually some rounds that we didn’t win even though we were trying. 😉


This is a great game for families to play together and makes for an unusual birthday gift too. Find it online at Takealot or Timeless Boardgames, or look for it at your local boardgame store.

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