One Minute Review: Rory’s Story Cubes

Here’s a little educational game that you can pop in your pocket and play in the park or in the car. It’s great for groups and fun for all ages. With Rory’s Story Cubes, you get nine little dice, roll them, and let your imagination run wild.


There are actually a couple different ways to play the game – and you’re free to make up your own rules and versions too.

One way is to roll all nine cubes, see where they land, say “Once upon a time…” and then start threading together the face-up images to make a story. Alternatively, you could first pick a theme for your story, then roll the dice and go from there. Or you could split the dice between the players and take turns building on the story using whichever image came up when you rolled your dice.

The starter set pictured above has some generic fairy tale themes, like castles, sunshine, moonlight, walking, directions, monsters, animals, flowers, and houses. But there are also add-on sets for more actions or for story elements like voyages. And you can get add-ons that give you themes that fall into a particular genre. We got a science fiction add-on, for example, which have images of aliens, spaceships and planets on the dice. And then there are even more niche sets, like the Doctor Who-themed add-on, where the dice have images like Daleks, Cybermen and weeping angels on them.

It’s all good fun and massively replayable. Find it on Loot, Takealot, Raru or any reputable board game store.

Featured image via Bernard Goldbach on Flickr

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