Watch: Crying can be cute, but is this taking it too far?

On Monday, the Internet was flush with a video of two-year-old Piper bawling her eyes out after meeting her newborn sister, with many news feeds and websites (including Time Magazine) putting a proverbial wink and nudge into their descriptions – look at this tantrumy little thing, they say, who’s so upset that they’re no longer the centre of attention.

The video has already been watched over 400,000 times within three days.

Judgement came swiftly, as it does on the Internet. “Is he having fun trolling his own 2 YEAR OLD?” asked on YouTube commentator, while another on Facebook said “Dad put the camera down, stop asking stupid questions, and comfort your daughter.”

And yet there were still loads of people arguing that the little girl “needs to accept her sister” and “stop being such a drama queen”.

I will admit that I’m not above filming my children while they’re in the middle of a complete freak out for no reason. I have done it – and later learned that said child was on the cusp of an epic bout of illness.

It’s been my experience that usually when a child is having an epic meltdown, supposedly about nothing, there’s usually some unfathomable, barely understandable, and almost certainly unrelated thing bothering them.

Piper probably isn’t upset about having a sister. Maybe she’s tired, maybe she’s hungry, maybe she’s missing mom.¬†She could be¬†feeling replaced – or maybe hospitals just freak her out.

My feeling is that after the first 10 seconds, Dad should have put the camera down and gone to give her a hug. What do you make of it?

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